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… DO YOU FEEL so needy or dependent on your partner for YOUR emotional well-being… that it makes them want to run away?

… DO YOU FEEL like your emotions start to go CRAZY at even the THOUGHT of your love spending time and enjoying himself without you… around other members of the opposite sex? 

… DO YOU FEEL overjoyed to see your partner again… then find yourself fighting and bickering over stupid little things?

… DO YOU FEEL sometimes that you wish you never got emotionally attached… and maybe it would be easier to just walk away than try to overcome your doubts and fears?

… DO YOU FEEL so lonely sometimes that you think about hooking up with that attractive man or woman—just this one time! –then beat yourself up mentally for days or weeks after?

Have you ever had any of these feelings? I bet you have!

LISTEN: If you’re like I was when I was involved in a long-distance relationship, then you’ve experienced at least some of these feelings… over and over again!

In fact, it seems like just yesterday that I was in the same situation you’re in right now, a long-distance relationship. So I know EXACTLY what you’re going through!

But do you know the WORST part?

Knowing that you’re probably screwing up the best thing that ever happened to you—and that you have no idea how to NOT screw it up. 

INCREDIBLE! I never thought it would happen to ME—a professional relationship counselor! But… alas… it did…

Hello, my name is Bob Grant.  I’m a therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor. I’ve also been a relationship coach for over 20 years.

During my professional career, I’ve helped hundreds of men and women find and achieve more rewarding, satisfying, relationships. In fact, I’ve become known as, “The Relationship Doctor”  by my clients and friends.  I have a very successful practice in Atlanta helping my clients keep their love alive, strengthen existing relationships, or rekindling that old spark.

So… you’d think I would be the LAST person to be blindsided by the roller-coaster of emotions that come along with being in a long-distance relationship!

WRONG! It was brutal!

But like you, I’m only human. So while living in Atlanta, Georgia, I met the woman I KNEW I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Oh, boy… I was giddy with happiness! (You  know the feeling, right?!)

There was just one small problem…

The love of my life—my soul mate—owned a thriving business on the other side of the country! OUCH! Worse, I had a busy counseling practice I just couldn’t leave.

So there we were… madly in love… separated by 2,500 long, lonely miles.

There was NO WAY either of us would consider ending the relationship, though. We were too much in love. But to say the next six months were tough, is an understatement!

Whew… it wasn’t easy. I wanted to be with her so bad it was killing me.

Almost immediately, it seemed, there were awkward silences and tensions between us whenever we saw each other.

It’s so strange! We were always so RELAXED together.

Now… for some reason… we tippy-toed around certain subjects.

Or worse… we found ourselves FIGHTING about STUPID little things that we both knew didn’t matter one bit.

Fact was, I knew we WOULD NOT survive as a couple… IF WE DIDN’T FIGURE THIS OUT!

It wasn’t easy. We both made dumb mistakes.  It was a painful trial and error!

THE GOOD NEWS? We got through it!

And now, 12 years and 4 wonderful kids later, I can say it was definitely worth the struggle!

However I’m not sure we would have succeeded… IF we hadn’t had a plan.

“Why Is This So Hard?”

One day I started to wonder…

“Why is this so HARD for most couples?”

I mean, sure, I missed her terribly.

It was hard enough to get up every day… go to work… pay the bills… and come home to a house without her. (It’s the lonely part… and not knowing what she was doing that killed me!)

But that was just PART of the problem. I realized that I hadn’t been dealing with the emotions that were going on INSIDE me.

And sure, I tried not to fight when we were together, or interrogate her about who she spent her time with when I wasn’t there.

But the question that kept coming up for me was: “Why is it so hard to deal with these things we have going on INSIDE… like insecurity, fear, jealousy, and other psychological challenges?”

The Shockingly Simple Secret That

Changed Everything for Me

(And how it will help YOU, too)

You see, when I started trying to solve my own relationship problems, I always began by focusing on the problem itself.

Makes sense, right? Deal with the problem… while the problem is happening.

This was wrong… Wrong… WRONG!

Because I discoverd that when it comes to long-distance relationship issues, if you just “solve” the problem in the moment… you’re not SOLVING the problem! That’s because the next time you’re in the same situation, the SAME PROBLEM comes up again… and you play mental games to “fix” it… until the next time… and the next… and the next.

(Does this sound familiar?)

Then I had this simple realization:

Instead of trying to deal with each individual problem as it happened… I would get far BETTER RESULTS if I knew what to expect before I had the problem in the first place!

Instead of dealing with my out-of-control emotions after I was in the situation (already out of control!), I needed to arm myself with knowledge… and MAKE A PLAN… so I’d be prepared.

This one simple shift in thinking helped me keep my emotions under control, and ultimately SAVED

Fix the IMPORTANT Things &

All the “Other Stuff” Will

Fix Themselves

IF you’re prepared for the major challenges… IF you know what you’re going to do BEFORE you have a problem… then many of your problems will AUTOMATICALLY solve themselves!

The thing is, every long-distance relationship has very similar challenges. So it’s not the CHALLENGES that create the problems—it’s how each person REACTS to the challenges.

Human beings are complex, and we don’t come with instruction manuals. So one of the most important things you can do is realize that you don’t have to “figure it out” on your own. If you want your relationship to succeed, it’s crucial that you find an expert source of information… and use it.

You don’t need a psychology degree, and you don’t need years of therapy, and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars. All you need to know is where to start.

That’s where I can help you. Right now.

Because until now, no one put together complete information to help improve and save your long-distance relationship.  This was one of my biggest frustrations… there just wasn’t a comprehensive guide for addressing all of the problems you face.

Because I’m Going to Help You

Strengthen Your Relationship

(No matter what “condition” it’s in right now)

And through my journey I became an expert in the area of long-distance relationships that helped me save my relationship… and now you can save your relationship with my personal guide, Long-Distance Love: Secrets to Surviving the Distance Apart.

Here’s the REAL Reason

Long-Distance Relationships FAIL

(And What You MUST Do to Save Yours)

It’s like trying to find your way through the wilderness without a map.

No matter how far you walk… how many times you check the sun… you’re still LOST… wandering in CIRCLES… and getting more and more FRUSTRATED!

In my counseling practice, I’ve seen scores of people making this same mistake. It’s really sad.

Fact is, the distance between you and your love can reveal the strengths and weaknesses in your partnership. And even though you CAN’T control the circumstances of your separation (job, family, etc.)… you STILL have the power to control your relationship!

Here’s the “Missing Link” to

Long-Distance Relationship Success…

The pieces aren’t going to just “fall into place.”

And ultimately—unfortunately—you’ll NOT have the close, loving relationship you once did… unless you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW. (Problems, left alone, don’t solve themselves.)

Truth is, most couples won’t make it… and they’ll go their entire lives wondering what might have been.


the Barriers Keeping You From

the Relationship You Desire

Right Now… and for the Rest of Your Life

After many years of counseling hundreds of couples—many of them dealing with saving their long-distance relationships—I always thought someone needed boil down all the most effective  techniques and put them into one powerful manual that readers could use on their own—without having to visit and pay counselor. (There’s a limit as to how many people I can help in person!)

The Discovery of Something Amazing…

During these conversations, I quickly realized that surviving a long-distance separation was really a matter of systematically applying some basic, but VITAL principles… whether the partners were together OR apart.

It was about taking REAL SCIENCE… adding REAL EXPERIENCE… and putting these incredibly POWERFUL TECHNIQUES into practice.

Hey, I’ve been studying psychology for over 20 years… yet as soon as I applied these techniques and tactics to my own relationship, the results astounded even me!

I’ve been looking for a system like this for a LONG time…

Finally I had a unique, no B.S. way to take complex psychological concepts and turn them into easy-to-understand methods that a 5th grader could understand and implement.

I knew at that point that I had to share this knowledge.


Sacramento, CA

I Teach You How to Press the “Reset” Button & Recharge Your

Long-Distance Relationship

(No Matter What Happened In the Past)

Honestly, you could spend years (and hundreds of dollars) in gut-wrenching, soul-searching psychotherapy trying to figure out the issues and make these changes. But with the tested and proven techniques I reveal in Long-Distance Love, you can become your own personal counselor in just a few short hours—only as long as it takes you to read it.


Tallahassee, FL

Unlike other “programs” this is NOT one of those empty “motivational” programs that creates no permanent, lasting change. On the contrary…

Long-Distance Love: Secrets to Surviving the Distance Apart:

I Teach You How to Quickly and Easily

Restore… Repair and Rekindle Your Relationship Before It’s Too Late

10 Reasons Why

Long-Distance Love Is Different

From Everything Else Out There

That’s why I put enormous amounts of personal time and energy into creating an easy-to-follow guide that equips you to deal with your long-distance relationship issues as quickly and easily as possible.

I personally guarantee that you’ll not find ANYTHING else available that is even CLOSE to Long-Distance Love. (In a few minutes I’m going to back up this guarantee and make you an offer you’d be crazy to refuse.)

REASON #2: This program was created by a professional relationship counselor who

SPECIALIZES in helping couples overcome their “inner” issues to become more successful in their relationship… and in their lives.

Most of the people selling “self-help” and psychology books are “generalists.” The stuff they sell is typically general and vague because it’s designed to help a broad range of people. Because of this, it’s usually “watered down” and of only limited help.

However, I SPECIALIZE in relationship counseling. I have a thriving professional practive in Atlanta, Georgia helping hundreds of individuals and couples. That’s why I created Long-Distance Love. To help you fix relationship issues. To dramatically increase your chances of success in YOUR relationship.

REASON #3: Long-Distance Love is a condensed, high-impact, “Best of the Best” when it comes to improving your long-distance relationship.

That’s why you won’t find a long-winded narrative that’s heavy on fluff… stupid stories… and light on substance.

No. Instead, you’ll find a compact synthesis of the best relationship knowledge ever discovered… from many different schools of research… and an easy-to-use menu of tips and tools that will help you get results in your situation. 

I GUARANTEE that you won’t find a more powerful, more condensed, more USEFUL set of tools and techniques SPECIFICALLY designed for couples in a long-distance relationship, anywhere…

REASON #4: Long-Distance Love: Secrets to Surviving the Distance Apart is created by someone who has been EXACTLY where you are now, and used these EXACT methods to save and strengthen his own long-distance relationship.

One of the things I hate about most “self-help” manuals is that they are based on unproven theory.

That is NOT the case with my guide.

Everything you’ll find in Long-Distance Love is knowledge that I know—from personal experience—REALLY WORKS.

You’ll instantly realize that it’s easier to learn… and easier to apply… because everything is based on tools and techniques that work in real life, not fairy-tale land.

Every concept and every technique has been successfully used by ordinary people, just like you, in your situation. This one fact alone makes the information you’re going to learn many times more valuable than those generic relationship manuals. 

REASON #5: Long-Distance Love teaches you exercises and tools that you’ll actually use and apply.

Many “self-help” programs are based on academic theory, and recommend techniques that can take years for you to see even miniscule results. Who has the time to play around when your relationship is at stake?


Lawrenceville, GA

REASON #6: My program is focused on helping you solve your long-distance relationship issues at the HEART.

Because you’ve read this far, you’re aware enough to know that mere “tricks” will NEVER solve relationship issues, even if you’re not in a long-distance relationship.

The reason I created Long-Distance Love: Secrets to Surviving the Distance Apart is because relationship issues must be addressed at the HEART. Lasting changes in a relationship must come from INSIDE… not from the outside.

In fact, once you apply the information I teach you, your partner will start to respond more positively… AUTOMATICALLY. And as you master the different concepts, techniques and tools, your entire relationship will improve in ways you never dreamed possible. (And that’s not hype, either. It’s the results of years of in-the-trenches research helping hundreds of couples turn their loves lives around.)

REASON #7: Everything you’re going to learn is MORAL, ETHICAL… and FEELS GOOD to use.

In my professional and personal life, I live by one simple code: You don’t have to be unethical or dishonest to be successful.

In fact, I believe when you strive to be more honest and ethical, your chances of achieving lasting success and happiness are assured.

Do you feel the same way?

That’s why everything you’ll find in Long-Distance Love: Secrets to Surviving the Distance Apart  is based on psychological and inter-personal concepts that FEEL RIGHT to learn and use.

It’s not necessary to “trick” your partner into being with you. In fact, that’s the most damaging ting you can do to your relationship. Instead, I teach you how to build a lifetime of passion, commitment and trust HONESTLY… and in a way that feels good for BOTH of you.

REASON #8: Long-Distance Love takes on the super “thorny” relationship issues without flinching… and tackles them openly to get RESULTS.

When I was in my own long-distance relationship (with the woman who became, and is now, my wonderful wife), I wasted so much time spinning my wheels with things that didn’t work.

So I won’t waste your time. Because I know you may be hurting right now… and need results fast.

I won’t “talk down” to you or dance around the real issues. Together, we’ll address timeless, tough relationship problems like insecurity, fear, and anxiety.

We’ll look at these relationship-destroying emotions directly, and you’ll learn techniques to effectively blast those negative emotions out of your mind, body, and your relationship. 

I’m serious about this… I want to help you enjoy a more positive long-distance relationship RIGHT NOW.

That’s why, if you’re not ready to confront your own issues directly… if you’re not ready to make a sincere effort to transform your relationship into something amazing… if you don’t truly believe you should be in the best relationship of your life right now… then my guide is not for you.

It’s powerful, life-changing “medicine,” but it’s not for the uncommitted or the faint-of-heart.

REASON #9: Long-Distance Love teaches you how to become personally stronger, and more emotionally content.

I believe that if you feel strong, self-confident, and emotionally content… you’ll NATURALLY have better relationships. (Makes sense, doesn’t it?)

Because, let’s be honest here: You want to improve your long-distance relationship so you can ENJOY your life more—right? So why not learn how to do BOTH at the same time?

I’ll show you exactly how. How to deal with personal issues so you’re more centered and content… and ENJOY your life more… and how to use your new knowledge to recharge your love life. 

REASON #10: You are going to discover how to have the kind of relationship you REALLY want.

Here’s a little known “secret”: Most couples are VERY FRUSTRATED with their relationship.

It doesn’t matter if the couple is in a long-distance relationship, or not.

FOR EXAMPLE… if you listen to a group of women talking, the conversation will almost always turn to MEN. More specifically, what’s WRONG with the man they’re with.

And if you listen to a group of men talking about the women they’re involved with, the conversation sounds much the same—except it’s about what’s wrong with the WOMEN they’re with.

Sometimes, you have to wonder how people ever get into a relationship at all! But these conversations bring out one very important point: If you want to HAVE and KEEP a quality relationship, then you have to be “real” with each other. Tricks and games might start a spark… but they won’t keep a fire burning.

(Read that last sentence again.)

So here’s the ultimate purpose of Long-Distance Love:

To help you TRANSFORM your relationship into the QUALITY relationship you deserve… the kind of relationship that a REAL man or woman wants to stay in… even when you have to spend time apart.

Order Long-Distance Love: Secrets to Surviving the Distance Apart and Transform Your Separation Challenges Into the BEST Relationship of Your Life!

So for just a fraction of what a professional relationship therapist would charge for a one-time consultation, you’ll get years of hands-on professional expertise… delivered to you in seconds.

Truth is, in some cases, in-person sessions are definitely the way to go. But for long-distance relationship challenges, there’s a great alternative that I GUARANTEE will work for you in the comfort of your own home.

Argh. Can you imagine how disappointing that would be—to spend all that time and money on counseling—only to find that you’ve gotten no closer to solving your problems? Truth is… you might even be worse off than when you started!

The good news is you don’t have to waste time and money sitting in an office. My powerful guide Couples in Crisis is your guide to facing and resolving the tensions in your relationship, no matter how old, or how deep. Couples in Crisis gives you a simple, easy-to-follow system to save or restore your relationship, and bring love and tenderness back into your lives.


Sacramento, CA

Remember, you risk nothing. Just check it out. You have 60 days to examine Long Distance Love and put the knowledge to work for you. And you’re completely protected by my “No-Nonsense, You-Must-Love-It-or-I-Give-You-a-Fast-and-Cheerful-Refund Guarantee.”

The simple, actionable information you’ll find in What’s He Really Thinking? has already worked for hundreds of men and women of all ages, from all walks of life. Follow my advice and you’ll reap the rewards.

I stake my excellent national reputation on it.

P.S. Remember, after you download your copy of Long-Distance Love: Secrets to Surviving the Distance Apart  you have 60 full days to use some—or all—of the proven long-distance relationship “secrets” revealed to you.

Isn’t it time for you guys to eliminate the stress, anxiety, and strain from your relationship and start having fun again? Life’s too short to waste any more time.

Click here to get Long Distance Love – Here’s The Plan When You’re Apart at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Long Distance Love – Here’s The Plan When You’re Apart is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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