TECHDASH GF-22 Portable GPS Tracker with 360GPS Mobile App – Real Time Tracking and Geo-Fencing for Car, Bike and Kids

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Product Description



Application Login

Application: 360GPS

Login ID: IMEI number (15 digits)

(There is a sticker with every device, 15 digits numbers– it’s the IMEI number, just the Login ID.)

Default password: 123456


Prepare a nano sim card which compatible 2G GSM network.

Activate Wifi and Calleing service of the sim card.

Insert the nano sim card into the tracker’s sim card slot


Power ON/OFF

Power On: long press for 3 seconds

SOS: long press for 3 seconds in power on mode Power off: long press for 10 seconds

Change Map Settings to Google Maps

Go to settings-> Map Setting-> change to Google Maps->Click OK

Light Indicators

Red(Battery): Slow Blink – Normal, Fast Blink- low battery, Continuous on- charging

Yellow(Sim Network) & Blue:(GPS): Slow Blink – Network Okay, Fast Blink- Searching Signal ( Network Issue), Continuous on- No Sim





Real time gps tracker of bike car or any Vehicle, even your vehicle is thousand miles away from you, still you will get real time location on mobile in Map/Satellite view on our APP.


This device have a inbuilt Microphone for Voice Monitoring so you can call on device and easily listen the voice around the device.


It call for help When you are in danger, you can send out a call for help and get out of trouble as soon as possible.





The live tracking capabilities are limitless! The mini GPS is super small (1.57×0.91×0.61in) and super light (1.06 oz) & has a strong magnet built in.


Using Geo fence you can define safe zones on a map and get alerts when a vehicle enters/exits those zones.


Battery life 2-5 days depending on network coverage and usage. There is a USB cable in the package, you can connect with charge device to keep working status.

000 # number # number # number # (binding three phone)

111 TF Card Voice Recording 10 minutes pause

222 TF Card Voice Recording 10 minutes pause, auto recording 10 minutes again if any voice

333 voice-activated dial-back call to binding numbers

444 delete all contents of memory

555 turn off all features

666 vibration alarm SMS to binding number

777 vibration alarm call to binding numbers

888 play the memory recording—this require a speaker

999 SMS Coordinate Positioning

Inquire IMEI No.: “imei#”

Restore default password: “pwrst”

Restore to the factory settings: “1122”

Open/Close LED: “LED#on, LED#off”

How does the GPS Tracker work? The GPS Tracker receives signals from satellites to determine its location and sends that data to a cloud server using a network connection. The cloud server then sends the location data to a user’s mobile app or computer.

What can I track with a GPS Tracker? You can track any vehicle or object that has the GPS Tracker installed on it. This includes cars, trucks, boats, vans, and construction machinery. You can also use it to track people or pets if you have a small GPS device that can be attached to their clothing or collar.

Can I use the GPS Tracker to monitor my vehicle in real-time? Yes, you can track your vehicle’s real-time location on a mobile app or computer using the GPS Tracker. The device has a highly sensitive GPS chip that sends accurate location data to the cloud server, so you can get up-to-the-minute location updates.

Can I see a historical track record of my vehicle’s movements? Yes, you can view a full-day history of your vehicle’s movements on the mobile app using a TF Memory card (not included).

What is a Geo-fence? A Geo-fence is a virtual boundary that you can set up on a map using the mobile app. When your vehicle enters or exits this boundary, you will receive an alert on your mobile phone.

How accurate is the GPS Tracker? The GPS Tracker has a positioning accuracy of 10-50 meters.

How long does the GPS Tracker battery last? The battery life of the GPS Tracker is 2-5 days depending on network coverage and usage. You can charge it using the USB cable included in the package.

What is the SOS button for? The SOS button is used to call for help in case of an emergency. When pressed, it sends out an alert to a pre-defined number, letting them know that you need assistance.

Is the GPS Tracker easy to install? Yes, the GPS Tracker is very easy to install. It is small and lightweight, and has a strong magnet built-in, so you can easily attach it to your vehicle.

【Real Time Tracking】Get real-time updates on the location of your vehicle, child, or pet with the 360GPS App.
【Geo-Fencing】Set up a virtual boundary with Geo-Fencing to get alerts when your tracker crosses that boundary. Perfect for keeping tabs on kids or valuable assets.
【Small and Discreet】The compact design of the GF-22 tracker makes it easy to hide in a backpack or car, providing covert tracking without being detected.
【Long Battery Life】With a 1000mAh rechargeable battery, the GF-22 can last up to 2 weeks on a single charge, ensuring that you can always stay connected.
【Easy to Use】Download the 360GPS App and connect your GF-22 GPS tracker in minutes. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

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TECHDASH GF-22 Portable GPS Tracker with 360GPS Mobile App – Real Time Tracking and Geo-Fencing for Car, Bike and Kids
TECHDASH GF-22 Portable GPS Tracker with 360GPS Mobile App – Real Time Tracking and Geo-Fencing for Car, Bike and Kids

Original price was: ₹3,999.00.Current price is: ₹2,199.00.

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